why us 5Reid Real Estate was founded in January 2004 with a Vision:

  • Platinum personalised service
  • The Licensee & Business Owner is the person you deal with
  • 32 years of successful residential Real Estate experience
  • Outstanding success through experienced professional marketing
  • Remain a small and dedicated team with intimate knowledge of your property
  • Innovative business processes and go to market

The Reid Family’s success has come from a total dedication to serving the owners needs and ensuring the best outcome is achieved. Reid Real Estate are experienced, professional, licensed real estate agents with outstanding marketing and negotiation skills. Together you will get a most formidable team working for you.

Why choose an independent agency over a larger Real Estate chain?

  • Well, times have changed… It was once essential to be associated with large Real Estate conglomerates, we know this as we were associated with them for many years. At that time it was necessary to take advantage of their marketing power, specifically with newspaper advertising and the network they provided to market properties. However, the internet significantly transformed how Real Estate agencies consumed technology and delivered marketing. RealEstate.com.au is a prime example, removing any advantage the large chains once held.
  • Often the big Real Estate chains service very large numbers of rental properties and aim to minimise property management staff to increase their profit. This means the ratios of properties the property manager takes care of is extremely high and will negatively impact the level of service they can dedicate to your property.
  • The other thought you may have, is that being a member of a large conglomerate provides an agency with additional services such as the embedded systems and processes they use. Again, we see this as another example of where we differentiate. Ever worked in a large organisation and thought that the processes in place are outdated and archaic? Well, this is no different. It is prohibitively costly and generally very difficult to change the processes and systems of large Real Estate chains. With the evolution of IT, we at Reid Real Estate take advantage of our size and remain ahead of the IT curve. Why is any of this important??? Well, this means our staff are not wasting time on unnecessary administration, rather they are focusing more time and energy on servicing you as a client.


So what is actually important when comparing other agencies?

Well, we would change the word agencies to agents. Given that IT and the internet have provided a level playing field, in terms of marketing, the major question is Who?

  • Who is the agent that will be servicing you?
  • What skills and experience does this agent and their team have?
  • How long have they been in the industry and what is their local knowledge?
  • How consistently successful across both sales and rentals have they been over the years?
  • With respect to property management, what is the likelihood that they will remain servicing you or even working for the company they are in?
  • And how important is your business to them?


After all… Real Estate is ultimately about people and that is where Reid Real Estate differentiates. Reid Real Estate will always provide unbiased advice to ensure the best results for you. The fact that we are independent means that we are the masters of our own destiny. We know that our reputation and ongoing relationship with our clients far out ways any sales commission or target set by a head office. For example, if we truly believe that you should wait a couple of months rather than accept a low offer for a sale, then we will provide you with this feedback along with supporting evidence vs taking the short term commission.
For a one on one catch up with Karen, please contact us, it would be our pleasure to meet and discuss any points in person. We look forward to providing you with the same Platinum Service our fiercely loyal existing clients have grown to love. Check out our testimonials if you are not convinced.