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The Reid Real Estate Code of Ethics


Our agency is committed to doing the right thing. So that you, the property consumer know what we stand for, we are placing the code of ethics, which every employee of Reid Real Estate pledges to uphold on public display. This enables us to deliver services to property consumers above the minimum standards required by legislation and professional association regulations.


1.       Act in the Clients’ Best Interests

We will always be fair to all parties but shall at all times act in the best interests of the party with whom we have an agency agreement: our client.


2.       Retain Confidentiality

We shall at all times retain and respect the confidential and privileged nature of our dealing with clients and the public at large.


3.       Defend in Public

We will always be prepared to defend our actions, services and activities in a public discussion with local property consumers, the media, clients and the local community at large.


4.       Comply with Law

We shall at all times comply with all governing legislation.


5.       Comply with Professional Bodies

We shall at all times comply with all by-laws, rules and regulations of all professional bodies of which we are members.


6.       Comply with Business’s Policies

We shall at all times comply with the policies, systems and procedures of our agency.


7.       Reject Uncertainty

We will not give any proposed action, service or activity the benefit of the doubt. If we are uncertain as to whether it complies with our Code of Ethics, we will reject it.



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